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SHAVER A- Open-air Wood Burning Furnace Stove Face Boiler, 41 yr -ONLY $6277

Heat Home & Hot Water to 5500 sq ft, Garage? Driveway?

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SHAVER Best Out of doors Wood Burning Furnace Stove Fa Boiler, 41 yr -ONLY $6627

Heat Home & H/W, up to 7000 sq ft -Maybe Garage? Drive?

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1 x 300 Hydronic 02 Pex Tubing for Wood Burning Boiler

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My homebuilt wood boiler

my home made outdoor wood boiler. I have installed this in a shed in the backyard so I didn't have to weather proof it, and my wood supply is in there with i...

  • New to Nuts

    What fount of volunteer should I use for my wood burner?

    I am preparing for Winter with my wood burning boiler, I require to take over from my pan-pipe from the boiler module to the chimney, what should I use.

    I would say tri.

  • fishyfishy007

    Why is my metalbestos chimney turning purple?

    I have an indoor wood burning boiler and the top of the metalbestos piping is turning purple.

    If the insulation is breaking down and the stimulate is getting to the metal comprehend,it could crack the exterior purple.

Abide Safe When Using Space Heaters and Wood Stoves ...

And like innumerable others, the culprit appears to have been the wood stove. So many of the home fires we endure in Vermont result from trying to keep warm. Some have to do with faulty installation of wood. Source:

Latest News

  • Wood-burning boiler stokes Morgan neighbors' ire

    10/12/14 ,via Salt Lake Tribune

    Morgan•Many a Thomas Kinkade painting depicts cozy wood smoke puffing out of a cottage on a cold morning. But relentless smoke from a neighbor's outdoor wood-fired boiler became a waking nightmare for Morgan residents Martha and Clayton Ericson 

  • Wood smoke fills the air in Fairbanks, Alaska on Oct. 27, 2013. Loren Holmes ...

    10/15/14 ,via Alaska Dispatch

    Wilson said it was “government at its worst” to regulate the way people heat their homes. Early on, Wilson opposed a borough measure that said people who have wood stoves or outdoor wood boilers that create a neighborhood nuisance would be warned to 

  • Waste wood could power CWU campus, study shows

    10/05/14 ,via The Seattle Times

    The boiler creates a use for unmarketable wood culled from forest-thinning operations to reduce wildfire risk. Burning the wood in a boiler with scrubbers to cut the smoke would be far cleaner than having that wood burn in a forest fire or in a logger


RT @netwerkhoutrook: The American Lung Association welcomes the proposal of new standards for new wood-burning boilers… 01/13/14, UC_Technologies


  • Boiler Operator's Handbook

    The Fairmont Press, Inc.. 2014. ISBN: 0881734357,9780881734355. 405 pages.

    Written for the boiler operator who has knowledge and experience, but would like to learn more in order to optimize his performance, this text is also clearly-presented enough to be an indispensable guide for those beginning their careers, as well as being suitable for managers and superintendents interested in reducing a facility's operating expense. Based on the author's forty years of experience in boiler plant operation, design, construction, start-up, retrofit and maintenance, it...

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For how long?
Hungary gets an awful lot of gas from Russia- the supplies via the Ukraine and Austria are dropping dramatically. Hungary has reserves but with the cold weather for how long? We have a whacking big wood-burning...
Photo by BudapestDundee on Flickr
alberta naturalgas sherwoodpark woodchips biomass strathconacounty districtheating woodheat wastewood agriculturalresidue
The Community Energy centre in Sherwood Park has wood burning boilers that are backed up by natural gas boilers in a demonstration project that is also experimenting with agricultural wastes as fuel.
Photo David Dodge, Green Energy Futures Sherwood Park Biomass/Nat Gas District Heating Project
Photo by Green Energy Futures on Flickr
Boiler - Wood burning
Photo by Messiah Divine on Flickr
heat boiler estacada biomass
Estacada High School Biomass Boiler
The woody biomass boiler at Estacada High School burns wood pellets, heats 120,000 square feet and saves the school over $11,000 per year in energy bills.
Photo by marcus5spot on Flickr
transportation boiler locomotion nationalmuseumofamericanhistory
Boiler of the Stourbridge Lion
The "iron monster" On the morning of August 8, 1829, the Stourbridge Lion became the first true locomotive (that is, one designed to pull railroad cars) to operate in the United States or anywhere else in...
Photo by national museum of american history on Flickr