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Hot blast wood furnace tied into return Using oil heat as backup heating with wood

Here is our wood furnace. It's tied into our oil forced air heat. 4000sf (including basement). I set the oil thermostat at 65. With the wood furnace running,...

  • judy b

    How will you stir your stingingly this winter?

    We use a indoor wood furnace that heats the blood and hot unreservedly urinate and we have a propane gas back up furnace.

    It just doesn't get completely enough down here to have the hot up on . ( gas leading heating) more than a half dozen times a year.

  • iamradtech

    How do I wire a 2nd thermostat for blower only to my stirring group for outside wood furnace?

    I stand in want the kindle inspirit thermostat to be set on say 65 and the wood furnace to be set on say 70 the wood furnace thermostat only needs to be skilled to dial fan.

    You could have a question with eat back finished with the other thermostat bringing on the compressor depending on the thermostat you have for the heatpump.

EPA releases proposed update to residential wood heater standards ...

EPA has released its New Rise Performance Standards proposal for new woodstoves and heaters, which go into effect in 2015. EPA said the proposition, which marks the first time that the standards have been updated since 1988, will make the next... Source: Biomass Magazine

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    The Environmental Protection Agency, which estimates that as much as 13 percent of all soot pollution in the United States comes from inefficient wood stoves and boilers, in January proposed rules to tighten emissions on new heaters, while leaving

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    Fox and his dog were outside Wednesday, stoking his wood-burning furnace. He wasn't able to walk to his home without wearing tall, waterproof boots as he maneuvered from dry patch to dry patch in the mostly flooded yard. The inconvenience, he said, 

  • After four years in prison for arson, exonerated Michigan man sues sheriff's ...

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    The Innocence Clinic determined that the cause of the fire was accidental from an improperly-installed wood stove. Caminata's attorneys argued that police withheld evidence from the fire scene that “contradicted” the police theory of the fire's origin


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This room is off of the master bedroom - an indoor wood furnace.
Photo by ChuckHolton on Flickr